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Our Mission

Salt Pond Areas Bird Sanctuaries, Inc. is a non-profit privately administered corporation dedicated to conserving the natural resources of The Town of Falmouth, Massachusetts.

Our Challenge

The challenge for Salt Pond is to increase our membership base in order to do more to preserve, protect and purchase the beautiful land within the Town of Falmouth, on Cape Cod.

The 300 Committee Land Trust’s
2014 Speaker Series

Salt Pond Areas Bird Sanctuaries

Partnering with Salt Pond Areas Bird Sanctuaries

Salt Pond Areas Bird Sanctuaries

The talks are free and open to the public. Please join us!
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Thurs., January 23, 7pm
Why Do Bluebirds Hate Me?...Mike O'Connor
7:00 pm, Falmouth Historical Society Education Center at Hallett Barn

Mike O’Connor is owner of The Bird Watcher’s General Store in Orleans, Cape Cod’s mainstay for bird watchers since 1982, and writer of The Cape Codder newspaper’s popular column, “Ask the Bird Folks.” He is also the author of the books Why Do Bluebirds Hate Me? and Why Don’t Woodpeckers Get Headaches? With great illustrations and plenty of humor, Mike will answer common and not-so-common questions about birds and bird watching. Come prepared to be entertained and enthralled — and bring your questions! Signed copies of his books will be available for sale.
Thurs., February 6, 7pm
Coming to a Suburb Near You...Ian Ives
7:00 pm, Falmouth Historical Society Education Center at Hallett Barn

The Cape’s forests, fields and neighborhoods are alive with an ever increasing number of animals that were once thought to be rare or in decline. Some wildlife has become a nuisance or even a threat to our lifestyles. Presenter Ian Ives will explore the local increase in abundance of deer, coyotes, fishers, turkeys, bobcats and osprey and the conflicts, management measures and ethical considerations that arise as a result. Ian Ives is the Director at Massachusetts Audubon Society’s Long Pasture, Ashumet and Skunknett River Wildlife Sanctuaries on Cape Cod, where he is responsible for the ecological management of the properties, community outreach, advocacy and environmental education. One of his primary goals is to engage the community and develop new programs and volunteer opportunities to expand activities at these Mass Audubon wildlife sanctuaries.
Thurs., March 6, 7pm
Effects of Climate Change since the Last Ice Age at Beebe Woods...Bryan Nolan Shuman
7:00 pm, Falmouth Historical Society Education Center at Hallett Barn

Bryan Nolan Shuman is associate professor of Geology and Geophysics at the University of Wyoming. His fascinating talk, focusing on our own Beebe Woods in Falmouth, will discuss how Cape Cod forests have fared in the face of climate change, including a time when large numbers of oak trees rapidly died off in response to a drought that lasted centuries. The presentation will be based on research conducted at the Punch Bowl by a team from the University of Wyoming and Harvard Forest. Mud at the bottom of the pond has been found to contain fossil evidence of past forest and lake changes. The studies show how the landscape can be altered dramatically when climate changes, and how this humid region is susceptible to severe, persistent droughts.

Thurs., April 3, 7pm
STATE OF THE BIRDS 2013…Massachusetts Breeding Birds: A Closer Look...Joan Walsh
7:00 pm, Falmouth Historical Society Education Center at Hallett Barn

Birds are profoundly affected by many of the things that people do. Much of the story of changing bird populations is a story of changing habitat. Meet Joan Walsh, Director of Bird Monitoring for the Massachusetts Audubon Society, and Project Manager, Author and Editor of State of the Birds 2013 and Coordinator of the Massachusetts Breeding Bird Atlas 2. Her enlightening illustrated program will present the tremendous changes in land use in Massachusetts over the past five hundred years and their effects on bird populations today. The State of the Birds 2013 report provides a summary of how our birds are doing and offers practical solutions to the challenges they face. An important source of data for State of the Birds 2013 was a comparison of the first Massachusetts Breeding Bird Atlas 1 (20 years ago) and Atlas 2 (completed in 2011).

Thurs., May 8, 6:30pm
The Polly Hill Arboretum — “Faith in a Seed”...Timothy M. Boland
7:00 pm, Falmouth Historical Society Education Center at Hallett Barn

Join Polly Hill Arboretum Director, Timothy M. Boland, as he outlines the history, programs and unique collections of the Polly Hill Arboretum on Martha’s Vineyard. The legendary horticulturist Polly Hill started the Arboretum by planting a seed in 1958. The internationally recognized collections today include the national collection of Stewartia, which grow among a dazzling array of Rhododendrons5, Magnolias and several other rare plants. Tim continues Polly Hill’s dedication of growing plants from seed. His talk will include details about recent plant expeditions to Japan and the southeastern US and the exciting plants that continue the living legacy of Polly Hill.

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